April Rise Challenge Recap

April Rise Challenge

Congrats to all April Rise participants on the amount of work that was accomplished during the month of April! The Rise challenge was an opportunity for people to look at their fitness in a 360 degree mentality, not just fitness but how sleep, fitness, and nutrition all interact together. Whether you knocked it out of the park and finished in the top 10 or you checked in a few times a week, you should be proud of your effort.

Looking forward were going to continue this momentum forward with a May focus on understanding the “how” and “when” elements. Simply put, we’ll help you to create a system of how and when you can implement better habits around hydration, sleep, movement and nutrition into your routine to build your ultimate re-emergence plan.

Top 10 Participants

  1. Yori Rubinson – 372 points
  2. Lana Fortel – 303 points
  3. Cliff Zimmerman – 322 points
  4. Ines Rogic – 322 points
  5. Kerry Goggin – 322 points
  6. K Joy Caneda – 320 points
  7. Sarah Barto – 312 points
  8. Mark – 310 points
  9. Mark Rasho – 309 points
  10. Jessi Zuba – 308 points

Rise Challenge Resources

Click Here to download all the handouts from the challenge.

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