Fitness Group Classes:

All classes are instructed by an RPE Coach who leads each class through the work out for all fitness levels, which follows an in-house designed training cycle.

Classes last between 50-60 minutes and incorporate all area of fitness. Classes will provide development for skills like muscle ups and handstands, increase your strength, and condition the body.

Members options include:

  • Unlimited Classes – $205/month

  • 3 Classes per week – $185/month

  • 10 Pack of Classes – $205

  • We offer discounts for First Responders/Educators/Couples

Hybrid Members:

  • Unlimited Classes and 1 weekly 50 minute personal training session – $450/month

  • Unlimited Classes and 2 weekly 50 minute personal training sessions – $720/month

  • Unlimited Classes and 3 weekly 50 minute personal training sessions – $910/month

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Looking to improve your body composition or learn how to fuel your body? Whether you want to lose belly fat or gain muscle for beach season, our experienced coaches are ready to help. Rally Nutrition can help you by creating a personalized nutrition plan structured around your lifestyle. We will keep you accountable with weekly check-in’s and give you the key ingredients to maximize your progress.

Non-member Personalized Nutrition Coaching – $139/month

  • 45 minute 1-1 consult to discuss goals and an actionable plan to help you achieve your body composition

  • Monthly face to face meetings

  • Personalized nutrition plan

  • Weekly check-in’s with your coach to keep you progressing

  • Monthly InBody scans to display progress

  • Progress photo and measurements tracking

Memeber Personalized Nutrition Coaching – $109/month


InBody Composition Scans

Everyone wants to lose “weight” but, what does that really mean? And how do you track it?

The measurement everyone uses is weight but, that’s the most inaccurate measurement. You need to look at lean body mass, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat percentage. Once you have all the data at your hands then you can make a goal to lose body fat and actually track your efforts. 

The InBody scan does just that and the best part is it’s fast, non-evasive, and you don’t to get into a pool! Until now if you wanted all this data you would have to change into a bathing suit, hold your breathe under water, and slowly blow bubbles out. Then if your lucky do it 1-2x more to get a more “accurate reading”. With the InBody 270 you get all this data while still keep your pants on and your hair dry!

$39 initial InBody Test includes:

  • 30 min 1-1 consult to discuss the test results

  • Goal setting to help you achieve your next milestone

  • Progress photo and measurements tracking

*Before and After Scan price is $69

*Non-member pricing is $59/test