Rally coach

Glenn grew up in Oregon where he swam and played water polo all the way through high school and into the first part of college. After living the amphibious life for most of his youth, he then transitioned to the terrestrial pursuits of cycling and running while doing his undergrad work at UCLA.  Once he figured out how not to die while running, he started doing triathlon in the days when the sport was still getting started.  After tiring of triathlon (there are only three activities after all), he found his real passion in running, trail running.  That continued until 8 years ago when he finally lived close enough to a Crossfit box to get in on a regular basis.  From that point, he was hooked.  And aside from a few hot yoga classes here and there, Crossfit has been the centerpiece of his workouts.

When not coaching or working out, Glenn runs his own company in the food business creating new foods and brands in the grocery space.  He also teaches courses in Strategy, Innovation, Effective Leadership and Agile Principles to MBA students on a part-time basis when his schedule allows.  On the family front, Glenn stays busy with his wife Emily, 4 teenage kids and four dogs.  Yeah, it’s a busy house these days!