Rally Point April Rise Challenge

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Join us for a comprehensive wellness challenge beginning April 1st

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April Rise Challenge

Walk through of how to use the app to track your progress over the next 30 days

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Monday – Friday:

8AM (DF/NB Coach) – Join Here

9AM (Niles Coach) – Join Here

Noon (DF/NB Coach) – Join Here

3PM (Niles Coach) – Join Here

4PM (DF/NB Coach) – Join Here

6PM (Niles Coach) – Join Here


8AM (DF/NB Coach) – Join Here

10AM (DF/NB Coach) – Join Here


9AM (Niles Coach) – Join Here


1PM Monday (Andrew) – Join Here

11AM Tuesday (Damir) – Join Here

1PM Wednesday (Brodie) – Join Here

11AM Thursday (Damir) – Join Here

1PM Friday (Brodie) – Join Here

11AM Sunday (Andrew) – Join Here

Workout Demo

Monday April 7th, 2020

Rise Daily Challenge

Monday April 7th, 2020

Rally Point Renew

Friday April 4th, 2020

RPE@Home - Weekly Programming

April 6th - 12th (Click Below)

Healthy Recipes

Nutrition is at the base of the pyramid, let's get our foundation set.

RPE Video Archive

Looking for a past video? Check out our video archive! Monday April 6th, 2020 Workout Demo Daily Challenge Sunday April 5th, 2020 Workout Demo Daily Challenge Saturday April 4th, 2020 Workout Demo Daily Challenge Friday April 3rd, 2o20 Workout Demo Movement Demo Daily Challenge Thursday April 2nd, 2020 Workout Demo Daily Challenge Wednesday April 1st, ...

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Rally POD Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge Winners Lunges – Kousgaard Push Up – Kousgaard Burpee – Kousgaard Sit Up – Grace HS Holds – Kousgaard Wall Walks – Grace Wall Sit – Kousgaard Plank Up – Kousgaard Flutter Kick – Kousgaard Squat Jumps – Kousgaard Run – Kousgaard Bike – Kousgaard Plank Hold – Kayla Air Squats – Kousgaard ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RPE@Home?

    RPE@Home is our in-home programming adapted to giving you a great workout with limited equipment.

  • What Equipment Will I Need?

    All of these workouts require little to no equipment. All the equipment you need is already accessible in your home. A common implement used in the workouts is the backpack, which can be filled with any sort of heavier object.

  • How Long is the Workout?

    Each workout takes 30-40 minutes from warm up to cool down.

  • What Can I Expect From My Coach?

    Your Rally Coach is there is help you from start to finish, sunrise to sunset. Their focus is getting to understand your goals and help you create a individualized plan to reach those goals. Please tell your Coach which mode of communication (text, email, FaceTime, or call) you prefer.

  • How Do I Stay Motivated?

    These videos are available for you to watch on your own or you also have an opportunity to experience the class live online with a coach. Reach out to your coach for additional details, if you do not know your coach please email info@rallypointendeavors.com