RPE Member of the Month: Josh Lintz

Name: Joshua Lintz

Age: 37

What class do you typically attend? None. Personal training Coach Adam Baillie and “open” gym with Adam Baillie and Cody Ksioszak on Saturdays.

What do you do when you’re not crossfitting (for work): Technology and software consulting sales; investor/equity trader

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 2.5 years

Why did you start CrossFit? Funny story, actually. I joined a local meal-delivery program in May of 2017 in efforts to eat better and simplify the process of eating well without the time demands of meal prep and cooking. At the time, this local meal-delivery service delivered to hubs versus home delivery; and, in my case, the nearest hub was a CrossFit affiliate. During one of the routine order pickups, I ran into the owner of the affiliate. Long story short, we talked a bit and he sold me on a “right start” intro to CrossFit. This is where I met my coach, Adam Baillie. Adam coached the last few of these packaged intro classes, which were quasi-PT sessions. I soon started to attend group classes (daily WODs). It wasn’t long before I was hooked – the community, energy, engaging workouts, and, of course, with a shameless shout-out to Adam, great coaching. After 2-3 months of group classes I decided PT was what I needed to accelerate the learning curve.

What are your favorite movements/lifts? Why? Anything barbell is a whole new world for me. That said, right now I am really digging cleans and anything ground-to-overhead. The range of motion coupled with the skill, speed, conditioning and form required is inspiring.

What are your least favorites? Why? I don’t really have a least favorite per se. There are some lifts that I struggle with and movements I haven’t achieved yet. However, as I write this, I am dredging up bad memories of burpees and box jumps. It’s always the simple stuff that hurts the most, right?

What is your fitness goal for 2020? I have a long list of fitness goals for 2020. To list a few, I’d like to continue reducing body fat, achieve some of the movements and skills that elude me (e.g. connected double-unders), and, of course, make some big jumps in my PRs. I also have a competitive side-bet with a friend about competitive positioning on the 2021 Open Leaderboard. 

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I used to run NCAA Division 1 cross-country and track at SMU.

How has CrossFit changed your life? I spent a long time building bad habits with diet (mainly food choices and portion control) combined with a deskbound career and a sedentary lifestyle to boot. I explored various activities as a hedge – spinning classes, swimming, jogging, joined a gym, and more – but, like many, I struggled to find something sticky. That is, until I found CrossFit. 

Why Rally Point CrossFit? I am a transplant from CrossFit E-Town thanks to Adam Baillie. Since joining in July 2019, I have come to appreciate how great the team and community is at RPE. 

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