RPE Member of the Month: Max Schoettger


Name: Max Schoettger

Age: 25

What class do you typically attend? 5:30 CrossFit/Endure at Deerfield

What do you do when you’re not crossfitting (for work): I’m a Software Engineer at Allstate

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 5 Months

Why did you start CrossFit? I got to a point where I wanted to do a complete transformation of my physical appearance, and CrossFit was recommended as a popular physical activity by my friends.

What are your favorite movements/lifts? Why? 

My favorite lifts are upper body lifts like Bench Press and Shoulder Press because nobody is looking at your legs. My favorite metcon activity is Double Unders because they are the most challenging skill work for me and remind me that I always have room to improve in the gym.

What are your least favorites? Why? Burpees. Do I even have to explain why?

What is your fitness goal for 2019? If I keep showing up every weekday, I think placing in the Top 20 of RPE participants in the Open for 2020 is a possibility, so that’s my goal.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I’m a World Record holder! You can come ask me how.

How has CrossFit changed your life? I feel more confident in myself as a person and the way that I look. Since joining the gym, I’ve lost 15 pounds, got a new haircut, got some clothes that fit, and started wearing contacts regularly, so I look completely different than when I started! It also required me to quit vaping and improve my diet in order to make any substantial progress.

Why Rally Point CrossFit? Doing my own workout routine wasn’t yielding the desired results. RPE not only takes the guesswork out of my training, but is moving me closer to my fitness goals. All I have to do is show up and do what they tell me. Plus, all my friends are here!

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