The Single Biggest CrossFit Myth Debunked


The Single Biggest CrossFit Myth Debunked

I’m sure several CrossFit myths came to mind when you read the title. 

“I’ll get too bulky.”

“I’ll get injured.”

“I’ll get worse at my sport.” 

Spoiler: all of those myths are false, too, but they’re not the largest myth of the industry. 

The single largest myth that people believe before joining the CrossFit world: I won’t fit in.

As CrossFit has grown in popularity, you’ve likely seen the well-muscled men and women of the CrossFit Games and popular social media accounts. As you watch them run, jump, and hoist tremendous weights overhead you think to yourself, “I could never do that.” 

You entertain your doubts for just a moment, and imagine, ever-so-briefly, what it would be like if you were to muster up the courage to try out a CrossFit gym. It does look incredibly empowering, you think to yourself. 

Mental images of men and women with muscles on their muscles flood your mind. Despite your “better judgement,” you dial up your nearest CrossFit gym and ask if you can drop by, just to take a peek. The person on the other end of the phone sounds… friendly, and inviting. Must be a fluke.

Your first day rolls around. You give yourself a little pep talk, take a deep breath, and strut your stuff into the gym to find… that you’re surrounded by people with enough determination to put in the work. You’re surrounded by people with enough guts to try to be their best selves. To your surprise, you realize that you’re surrounded by people just like you.

This is a common scenario. One of the biggest factors keeping people from the gym is not being as fit as they want to be. What a catch-22! So, before you rule yourself out from being able to complete the Workout of the Day (or “WOD” in CrossFit lingo) let’s try to view the situation with fresh eyes.

The men and women with muscles on their muscles? They weren’t always that ripped. They had a first day, too. They were beginners once, too. They started out just like you. The hardest part is just opening the door to the gym on day one. 

Your coach will be with you every step of the way, as your educator, guide, and friend. In no time you’ll come to find you were only right about one thing… It is as empowering as it looks. 

If you’re ready, we’re ready! Reach out to us today. Let’s do this.

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