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Exciting announcement!  Rally Point Endeavors has partnered with truLOCAL to help you stay on top of your customized nutrition plan. They are offering some great bonuses for our members.

What is truLOCAL? 

truLOCAL is a premium meat delivery service.  They ship the highest quality beef, chicken, pork and seafood using dry ice and 100% recyclable packaging.  Meat is sourced from Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin family farms and hand-crafted by a family owned butcher-shop in Chicago.  Their seafood is wild caught and comes from a Chicagoland distributor.

All meat is shipped directly to your door:  Raw, vacuum sealed, flash frozen and individually portioned.  Their conveniently packaged products minimize meal prep time and dollars spent on takeout.  Nutritional facts for all cuts are on their website to help you hit those macros. We’re very excited about this partnership.

How does truLOCAL work? 

truLOCAL has two box sizes.  Each box has points that allow you to fully customize the contents.

  • Small Box:  $125  (9 Points, Up to 18 Portions)
  • Regular Box:  $249  (20 Points, Up to 40 Portions)

Each cut is worth a certain point value on their website. Customize your box and choose your frequency.  Zero commitments, you can pause, skip, or cancel any time.  

Tip #1 – Best Bang for Buck:  Always choose the Regular Box but opt for less frequent deliveries.

It has 10% more meat and lifetime promos.  

Tip #2 – Better Box Building:  Load up on 1 and 2 point items for greatest value.  Staple cuts like chicken breast & 14 oz steaks build more valuable boxes.

RPE Member Benefits:

Regular Sized box purchases will receive (4) FREE Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, 1lb Bacon and 1lb ground beef FOR LIFE.  Apply promo code “CFRALLY” on the checkout page. Small boxes will receive 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Tip #3 – Don’t Lose Promos: Need a break?  Pause or skip future orders instead of cancelling so you don’t lose “For Life” promos.

Do your research!

We take our partnerships seriously. We’ve tried truLOCAL’s products and love them. But don’t take our word for it.  They encourage you to research their company.  truLOCAL’s existing customers are fiercely loyal.  Google reviews and Instagram have plenty to say. Compare their reviews to the competition. You’ll see why this company is changing the online meat delivery industry and why we’re so excited about this partnership.  

Visit to get started!

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